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Our Services

We choose our Vets and service providers carefully for your convenience.


Pet healthcare to help them live healthier & happier.


We give baths, trim nails and clean up our customers eyes and ears. PETS ONLY (you wish!) :).


Regular vaccination save you time and money and gives you peace of mind.

Medical grooming

Enhancing the quality of life of your pet by medical showers to avoid insects and skin diseases.


Regular deworming keeps your pet healthy and fit.


Never let your pet feels itchy specially in summer time ;).

Sit back and enjoy your life with your pet,
while we take care of their needs.

You are one step away from having the service that you and your pet deserve..

In-Home Visits

Designed to make you happier and your Pet healthier, saving you time, effort and money.

Unlimited Access

Access to vet advice in the palm of your hand. A team that's there to support you and your pet.

Absolute Convenience

Chosen service providers, to your doorstep, within the time you choose and you can pay online.

Simple, Affordable Care

No Traffic, No Waiting in Clinics or shops and you get Customer Care.

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